Leverage your community

Build faster, delegate bug fixes, encourage adoption of your technology

Solutions for dev communities


See community engagement with real-time activities from 30+ social media integration


Measure one centralized contribution score for your users across all platform


Promote your social media activities:
reach, awareness, pull requests


Encourage discussions around your brand, make informed with authentic customer feedback


Reward contributors for their impact on the development and bring more attention to your brand

On-chain analytics

Watch the results in the native dashboard with user-centric on-chain data

Gamified leaderboard

Well Integrated with your services

Narcissa collects activities from all your integrated social media and measures its “contributions” to every user in your community.

  • Github

  • Discord

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Stack Overflow

  • Discourse

  • Slack

  • LinkedIn

  • Zapier

Adjustable for your goals

Based on your primary needs you can promote awareness, engagement, pull-requests or purchases. Just change “weights” for activities you engage

Bounties for Q&A

Speeding up answers to dev questions

Our platform helps blockchain developers find answers to the questions of Cairo-lang, Solidity, StarkNet, and web3.0A tokenized developer Q&A protocol, where you can add bounties to questions they want more attention to be paid to.

The World of Narcissa

The World of Narcissa represents a metaphor for the decentralization and the freedom it gives to all processes. It is embodied through different medias and aims at sharing the values of crypto and decentralization to a broad audience.


A NFT collection will be released soon and used to distinguish the most important community members of the Narcissa DAO. It will also give access to additional features we will be building in the future.

Coming Soon

The Lore

The Story of Narcissa takes place around the year 2690 and revolves around Princess Narcissa. This heroin was created by smart enchantments and fights the evil emperor Narcissus who invaded and centralized the Galaxy, corrupting human minds.

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