Reputation Leaderboard

Make how to win clear for your community members and turn your community into a game.

Gamified leaderboard

We compute the value of each contribution weighing a difficulty estimate and the number of people it reached by it. Users earn points based on that and climb the leaderboard. The Leaderboard shows the most productive members of each community.As a community, you’ll be able to change the weight of each activity in the attribution of points according to your goals.

NFT Badges & Token Airdrops

To reward your community members, we offer two strategies:Token airdrops
Pick an amount of tokens you want to distribute to your community. From Narcissa, you can export a list of all your community members which contains their contribution score and their wallet (if provided). We are working on a system to automate the airdrops from our platform.
NFT Badges
The points your users earn on Narcissa represent their reputation or credibility. For this reason we are building an option for them to mint a Non-Transferable NFT badge that represent their reputation according to the type of their contributions.


Today we can analyze contributions from Web2 platforms. Soon you will be able to set up events to reward the on-chain activities of your users and enroll their technical support with a custom forum on the Narcissa platform.


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The World of Narcissa

The World of Narcissa represents a metaphor for the decentralization and the freedom it gives to all processes. It is embodied through different medias and aims at sharing the values of crypto and decentralization to a broad audience.


A NFT collection will be released soon and used to distinguish the most important community members of the Narcissa DAO. It will also give access to additional features we will be building in the future.

Coming Soon

The Lore

The Story of Narcissa takes place around the year 2690 and revolves around Princess Narcissa. This heroin was created by smart enchantments and fights the evil emperor Narcissus who invaded and centralized the Galaxy, corrupting human minds.

Read our docs to learn more about how to integrate your community or claim your pTokens.

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